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Pink Martini: Your submissive punk Sugar Baby

Born in Colombia to Bolivian mother and Colombian Father, Rosa Belanova.I'm a bubbly, Colombian/Bolivian American punk chick who's just looking for some fun - don't let my pink hair fool you, you won't find anyone better Stepford Bride than myself.I'm well-read, a graduate of Sarah Lawrence, and a art fanatic with a passion for tiki culture, 50s films, cocktails and rough sex. I'm a 50's horror and space opera stepford bride into older men. 

This is my fetishes:

Being Sugar Baby
1950s household/Extreme submission
Food Play/Gothabilly Guys/Rockabilly guys/ Greasers/Tattoos
Punk/Goth Boys
Extreme Bondage
Long-term GFE/Sapiosexual/Submissive housewife

best choice of your virtual Sugar Baby Experience/Sugar Baby phone line.